Plot Networks

UrbanAccess offers some basic plotting methods to visualize your UrbanAccess network data.

For example you can:

Plot the transit network transit_net AC Transit and BART transit network for Oakland, CA

Plot the street network ped_net Pedestrian network for Oakland, CA

Plot the travel times on the integrated network travel_time_net Integrated AC Transit and BART transit and pedestrian network travel times for Oakland, CA

urbanaccess.plot.plot_net(nodes, edges, x_col=None, y_col=None, from_col=None, to_col=None, bbox=None, fig_height=6, margin=0.02, edge_color='#999999', edge_linewidth=1, edge_alpha=1, node_color='black', node_size=15, node_alpha=1, node_edgecolor='none', node_zorder=3, nodes_only=False)

plot urbanaccess network nodes and edges

nodes : pandas.DataFrame
edges : pandas.DataFrame
x_col : str, optional

x coordinate column in nodes dataframe

y_col : str, optional

y coordinate column in nodes dataframe

from_col : str, optional

name of column to use for ‘from’ node id

to_col : str, optional

name of column to use for ‘to’ node id

bbox : tuple, optional

Bounding box formatted as a 4 element tuple: (lng_max, lat_min, lng_min, lat_max) example: (-122.304611,37.798933,-122.263412,37.822802) a bbox can be extracted for an area using: the CSV format bbox from if None bbox will be calculated from spatial extents of data

fig_height : int

matplotlib figure height in inches

margin : float

margin around the figure

edge_color : string

color of the edge lines

edge_linewidth : float

width of the edge lines

edge_alpha : float

opacity of the edge lines

node_color : string

node color

node_size : int

node size

node_alpha : float

node opacity

node_edgecolor : string

the color of the node border

node_zorder : int

zorder to plot nodes, edges are zorder 2. A node_zorder 1 will plot nodes under the edges, 3 will plot nodes on top

nodes_only : bool

if true only the nodes will plot

fig, ax
urbanaccess.plot.col_colors(df, col, num_bins=5, cmap='spectral', start=0.1, stop=0.9)

Get a list of colors by binning a continuous variable column into quantiles

df : pandas.DataFrame
col : string

the name of the column in the dataframe with the continuous variable

num_bins : int

how many quantiles

cmap : string

name of a colormap

start : float

where to start in the colorspace

stop : float

where to end in the colorspace

colors : list